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Maroon-The Cold Heart Of The Sun

Maroon-The Cold Heart Of The Sun
Género: Metalcore

Maroon is a vegan straight edge hardcore band from Nordhausen, in Germany which formed in 1998. Heavily influenced musically and politically by mid-1990s vegan straight edge hardcore acts such as Earth Crisis, Day of Suffering, Loxiran and Morning Again, their music also displays influences from metal acts such as At the Gates, Metallica, Sepultura and Slayer.

Maroon released a demo cassette in 1999 entitled The Initiate although all 4 songs can be found on later releases. Their first CD, Captive in the Room of the Conspirator, was recorded at Headquarters Studion in Berlin in spring 2000 and released that year on the (now-defunct) Kerosene Recordings label, featuring such songs as "The Solution' which strongly advocated a vegan lifestyle and support for animal liberation and earth liberation. The band began touring Europe, opening for many hardcore acts including their idols Earth Crisis and Morning Again.

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