jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2007

Rites Of Spring - End On End

Géneros: Punk Rock, Emo
Rites of Spring formed in March, 1984[3] and comprised guitarist/lyricist/singer Guy Picciotto, guitarist Eddie Janney, bassist Mike Fellows, and drummer Brendan Canty.
Though rooted in the loud and fast style of emotive hardcore, Rites of Spring is known for being the founders of this genre, with unusual musical structures and lyrics that reflected personal issues more than the typical hardcore subjects of government and society. They didn't play live often, but their passionate performances became nearly legendary, and inspired a strong local following
Rites of Spring was the band’s eponymous debut album from 1985. Its twelve songs were recorded at Inner Ear Studios in February of 1985, produced by Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Minor Threat, and released on vinyl in June of that year as Dischord Records #16. The album was re-released on CD and cassette in 1987, with an additional track from the same session, "Other Way Around", as well as the four songs from the Rites' follow-up EP, All Through a Life, Dischord #22. The CD and cassette originally retained the number "16" while the 1991 repress, as well as the 2001 remastered version of the same seventeen songs, were numbered "16CD" and given the new title End on End.
The band broke up in January, 1986.

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