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The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good

The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good
The Promise Ring was an American band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In their early years, their music was usually classified as emo, but their later albums could be described more accurately as indie pop. The band was started in 1995 as a side project by Davey von Bohlen during his time as a guitarist/vocalist for Cap'n Jazz. VonBohlen started the project alongside guitarist Jason Gnewikow of None Left Standing, drummer Dan Didier of Ceilishrine, and bassist Scott Beschta.
1996 brought their first full-length album, titled 30° Everywhere, released by Jade Tree Records. The record was followed by 1997's Nothing Feels Good, which gained the band a larger following and rave reviews. The Horse Latitudes, which collected early tracks that were previously released as 7"s, was also released in 1997. After a few changes in bass players, 1998 saw the release of the Boys + Girls EP, which was released on both compact disc and 7", with the CD containing an additional song. In 1999 they furthered their success with the release of Very Emergency, which concentrated even more on their pop sound. The Electric Pink EP, released in 2000, however, failed to gain critical acclaim. Following their final release in 2002, titled wood/water, The Promise Ring decided to move on to new projects, like Von Bohlen's and Didier's new band named Maritime.
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